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Making my own microwavable meals!

 I'm on day 7 of the non-processed food diet. It's getting harder to cook everything by scratch! On days that I'm busy it's a very big pain. I spent the day yesterday making my own "microwavable meals"

I made cabbage rolls and vegetable soup!!

I made vegetable soup out of stock (chicken only for me!!),tomato paste,  and the vegetables I had around the house. One of them happened to be a head of cabbage. I also used ground turkey!

When I was done I still had leftover turkey and a ton of cabbage! I decided to make cabbage rolls to freeze individually as well! 
Using some of the stock sauce and leftover brown rice I had from a couple nights ago I made 6 rolls. This will be 6 lunches or 6 main courses for me. 
When they were finished cooking I wrapped them in saran wrap (individually) and sealed them in a plastic baggie. When I want one I just pull it out from the freezer, defrost for 5 mins, and eat! You could do this with almost any meal! Saves money, time, and calories!!