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Friday, January 14, 2011

McDonalds Deals

*Ok let me point out that I don't encourage anyone to go eat at McDonalds!! Lets face it sometimes it's just plain easier. I personally don't order any food items what-so-ever from them (because of the fat & preservatives!!), but many people do!! Here are a few great promotions they are offering!!!

At our McDonalds on Tues is family night swing by and get a Happy Meal for $1.99! (I do let my son do this every now and then. Lets face it if I completely cut him off he'll go crazy when he gets older!!)

Also you can get a small McCafe for $1.00! (I do this often!! I usually get a small, non-fat latte with sugar free vanilla syrup) YUM!

Next time you’re at McDonald’s and need silverware, look inside your silverware package and you may received a nice coupon surprise!

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