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Friday, February 4, 2011


Well today Coffee Mate was giving away 100,000 coupons at 12:00 eastern on Facebook. As usual when promotions like this go on the company underestimates the traffic and the site ends up not working. Well after trying for 15 mins I eventually gave up! I thought no big deal A. I use milk in my coffee & B. I'm sure to find some great coupons if I really want this and get it for free anyway!! Well around 5:00 this evening I decided to check back just to see if they still had any "freebies" left. They didn't but what they did have were some really disturbing nasty comments as follows.....

"The way Coffee-mate treated their customers today gives me good reason to never again use their products!!! I spent my lunch hour trying to get their free coupon, which never appeared... then when I get home from work, all coupons are gone and I get a promise of a $1 off coupon, which I never was able to get either. I'll be looking for another brand to use!"

"I kept getting "service unavailable" and then finally gave up. I didn't have all day to wait for a free coupon. I hate when companies do these promotions and brings their server down. I will not be using coffee-mate creamer anymore. It's just not worth it."

 "What a joke this was!!!"

"waste of time, too many tech issues... time to switch brands"

There are over 400 comments about the freebie that people missed out on. To be honest I'm very surprised. There were some nice comments but the majority were people fighting back and forth. I feel if it is a "freebie" then we should be thankful that the company gave out the items they did and if you missed out....maybe next time!

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