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Friday, December 31, 2010

Deals deals deals..

Took a break for the Holidays :)

Did anyone see Extreme Couponers??? Needless to say that Show made my heart pound!!! Today I decided to try it myself. I didn't go out and buy $600 worth of stuff for $2.00 but I did manage $30.00 for $4.00!!!!

I went to Kroger and scored...

Charmin Toilet Paper~ On sale for $5.49
Used the $3.00 off Kroger Coupon

Got it for $2.49 (24 Rolls)

Tide Stain Release~On sale for $$6.49
Used $3.00 off Kroger Coupon
Used $3.00 off P&G Saver Coupon\

Got it for~$.49

Two bottles of Excedrin Migraine~Used Free Coupons

Got it for~Tax

Zone Bar~Used Free Coupon

Got it for~Tax

Sweet Potato Chips~Used Free Coupon

Got it for~Tax!!

Total came to $4.00 with tax!!

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