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Thursday, December 16, 2010

To the restaurant....

          Yesterday I went Christmas shopping with my Dad. He wanted to go out to eat YIKES! I'm way to new at this to know what is good to eat at a restaurant and what not to! Of course he picked the new Chinese buffet in the mall. Double YIKES!! I decided to recap what I ate and then see  the calories. I have no idea how much I ate and I really tried to be good!

1 Spring roll~165 Cal

1 Cup Broccoli & Chicken~280 Cal

1 Cup Fried Rice~250 Cal

1 1/2 Cup Sweet & Sour Soup~110 Cal

1 Cup Mushrooms~206

1/2 Cup Cucumber, Tomato, Onion Salad~90


           That's an entire days worth of calories!!!!!!! The worst part is I really tired not to get anything to bad...I only had one plate of food, I drank water, and I still blew it! I think I'll study up before I head out next time! I know all of this is processed as well, but I really was clueless on what I could eat! Surely I could have made better choices!
         Now to workout! 

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