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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Restaurant Take 2

We stopped to eat at Smokey Bones yesterday and this time I think I did a little better!!

It amazes me how BIG the portions are at restaurants.  I know I had at least 2 serving sizes on my plate. Looking around the table I would guarantee that others had 2+++!!!

I choose the flamed seared salmon with broccoli. I choose to leave the lemon butter sauce (which I'm sure had 1000 calories in it alone) and just stick with lemon wedges. I only ate half my salmon (the size of a deck of cards) and took the other half home for later. Lets see how I did......

420 Calories
8 grams of fat

WOW! I did good lol! I get to cut this in half because I only ate half!

Add my broccoli...
70 Calories
3.5 grams of fat

280 Calories
7.5 Grams of fat

Worst things to eat @ Smokey Bones...

Wings 32 Buffalo (This includes 32 wings. Even if you ate this as your meal it would be 3 days worth of calories)!!
5860 Calories
455 Grams of Fat
(I'm shocked this is even legal)!!!

Chicken Chili Nachos (This is an appetizer!!)~
1830 Calories
77 Grams of fat

Baked Potato & Caesar Brisket
1470 Calories
96 Grams of Fat

I got this info off their website...If you know where you are going to eat...I would def look up the nutritional info before going! This way you could avoid eating something such as....32 Wings EEK!!!

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